Growing strong roots

for 35 years

Uniquely crafted landscape design, landscaping, design, crafted, unique

Belgro offers uniquely crafted landscapes carefully designed for your specific living or working requirements.


We work within the principles of the four imperatives of all life :


Every living organism needs :


To take in energy from the sun.

To keep itself safe from predation.

To maintain a living space.

To reproduce.

These imperatives integrate us, Belgro and our clients, and the plants and animals occupying the space which we landscape. With these principles in mind we initiate a biological process which becomes the soul of the living landscape.


“We do not simply landscape with indigenous plants but integrate the needs of our clients into the living ecosystem and harness those processes to maintain the health of the whole and ensure that the landscape itself makes a generous contribution to all the wildlife which sees its habitat reducing on a daily basis and replaced with hard concrete, high walls and toxic materials”.

            Paul De Luca

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