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In line with Belgro’s policy of partnering with the best companies we chose Firestone for the outstanding characteristics of their products for all applications in our field of business.


Belgro supplies, installs and supports the Firestone PondGard™ 1.0 mm and Firestone Geomembrane 1.1mm EPDM lining throughout Southern Africa.

The Benefits of the System


Firestone PondGard™ is a high performance rubber liner offering a unique combination
of benefits which have long been recognised by professional landscape installers
and architects as the best in the market.


Easy to Install

Installation of Firestone PondGard™ is simple, as the material is lightweight, easy
to position and available in a variety of large, seamless sheet sizes. For the construction
of larger water features, multiple Firestone PondGard™ sheets can be assembled on site using the Firestone Quickseam™ Tape System.


Flexible for Creative Design

Firestone PondGard™remains highly flexible even at -45%, enabling year round installation. Easily shaped to fit the contours of unique forms, Firestone PondGard™ means creative freedom and the ability to accomplish even the most challenging designs.


High Elongation

Firestone PondGard™ features excellent expansion and contraction characteristics.
This enables the liner to stretch and conform to undulations in the substrate as well
as to manage stress caused by earth movement and erosion once the pond is in service.


Environmentally Friendly

Firestone PondGard™ is specially formulated to be safe for fish and aquatic plant life.
This guarantee is confirmed by the special marking on the membrane. Being a highly stable membrane, Firestone PondGard™ also resists microbial and algae attack, resulting in naturally healthy ponds. Furthermore, Firestone Building Products ’production plants have received ISO 14001 certification for their Environmental Management System.


Lasting Durability

Firestone PondGard™ offers outstanding resistance to UV exposure, ozone, frost, snow
and extreme temperatures. Our liner contains no migrating plasticizers, which ensures
no cracking or splitting. Even after more than two decades in service, water features built with Firestone PondGard™ are as functional and beautiful as the day they were installed.


Root Resistance

Firestone PondGard™ is root resistant based on CEN/TS 14416 test method (eq. DIN 4062). In case of bamboo, reed and other plants that exhibit rhizome formation (eg Phragmites australis, Phragmites communis, Typha,….) a separate root barrier is required or the plants should be confined within a space separated from the PondGard™ liner by a root barrier.

Uses - Click to view more images


Constructed Wetlands

Koi ponds

Natural swimming ponds

Along with the about uses, our linings can be used in many different installations like Waterfalls, Fountains, Streams and Lackes.

Available in:


Roll widths: 3,05 – 6,10 – 9,15 metres

Roll lengths: 30,50 metres

Thickness PondGard: 1,0 mm

Geomembrane: 1,14 mm

Firestone EPDM Lining Services


Belgro’s Firestone qualified team of lining technicians are available to provide a full lining service for fully adhered or loose laid liner applications.


Their work is held in high regard by the Firestone international technical representative.


Belgro can assist designers early in the design process to achieve the best lining solution to ensure a finished product delivering at least 30 years of problem free water containment.


Belgro is a Firestone authorised training facilitator.

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