Growing strong roots

for 35 years

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Paul de Luca established Belgro in 1982 as a full service ecological and horticultural management, trading, contracting and production company.


All divisions of the company benefit from the collective knowledge and experience gained over 30 years operating in our chosen field which supports the planning process ensuring delivery of product and service of the highest order.


We bring individual skills and company-wide expertise to all our projects.
This is expressed through:

      • landscaping,

      • garden maintenance,

      • nurturing of plants in the nursery,

      • building of ponds, natural pools,

      • constructed wetlands

      • water containment projects


All Belgro’s projects are undertaken as unique and special. No project is considered “run of the mill”. Each and every project is considered from the soil and roots up to ensure delivery to our clients’ exacting standards and individual requirements.


We take out time to get to know our clients well and take a measured approach to deliver exactly what they expect and more. In the landscaping division we only undertake one project at time. This ensures our total commitment and keeps all our intellectual and physical resources focused on our client’s dream garden.


You, our client, are not only number one, but for the duration of the project, you are the only one.


Our selection of business partners and subcontractors is based on quality of the product or service, financial stability, environmental conduct and sound and fair business practice and we take pride in our long standing relationships with these people and companies.



Management Principles and Practices


• To have our projects recognized as a significant botanical collection.


At Belgro …… of all resources.

Globally our principle ….. metropolitan pressure.

A Balance is Sort ! Where and when do we need to use chemicals?

• Chemically altering areas which are resource demanding with the objective of replacing them with natural functioning plant and animal dynamics.

• Low or zero resource demanding areas, for example removal of large areas of lawn or swathes of ivy.

• Rehabilitation of land that was used for an alternative purpose.

We are inspired by the intrinsic beauty in natural systems.


Who we are

Paul de Luca

Paul is the father figure in Belgro; leading, guiding and sharing all his skills and knowledge gained in more than 35 years of growing plants and landscaping.

Belgro Founder, Paul De Luca

Angela Hartman

Angela has been at Belgro for 13 years where she has directed the operations, keeping a steady eye on the administration and the smooth flowing of contracts and nursery production.

Director of Operations, Belgro, Angela Hartman

Gift Mahachi

Gift has been part of our team for nearly 7 years now and is an all round organiser with a no nonsense approach to getting the job done.  He consistently delivers by his strict attention to detail and his proven leadership skills.

Gift Mahachi, organiser, belgro team leader

Japhael Mhlophe

Japhael's statesmanship ensures Belgro’s most vital asset, our teams, are always willing and able to ensure delivery of products and services of the highest quality.
He has been part of our team for nearly 11 years.

Japhael Mhlophe, team leader belgro

Lynette McGinn

Lynette has been part of the Belgro family for a year, bringing us her experience in marketing and passion for nature.

Her focus is to ensure that every tree planted increases productivity and profits in order to empower our staff to benefit from the growth of the plants they have planted and nurtured.

Marketing Head, Lynette McGinn, belgro

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